Reliable coding and professional feedback on conversations.

MIC Lab accepts audio-recorded conversations for reliable coding and professional feedback. The conversations can be coded based on both the client's and the advisor's utterances. Coding is evidence-based and follows a manual where utterances are defined into relevant coding components. These defined components have theoretical relevance in MI and some have been empirically validated in studies as being related to client behavior.

The manual-based coding is done reliably. This means that professional coders maintain their reliability through regular training. The reliability of the coders is checked through regular reviews. The reliability of coding is reported on MIC Lab's website. All conversations sent to MIC Lab are assessed according to the same standard, regardless of who on MIC Lab coded the conversation.


Coding and MI

For those interested in learning MI, coding provides detailed information about their own MI performance. Coding can also be done to provide information on how the client is influenced during the conversation.

For an organization wanting to ensure the delivery of MI, coding is a necessary quality assurance. For researchers, coding can generate data to investigate specifically what in the conversations is related to outcomes, or simply whether MI is being performed.

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