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Conversation with actors at MIC Lab


Conversation with actors at MIC Lab

Using Actors

MIC Lab recommends using a standardized client for recording conversations to ensure equal difficulty levels and allow different MI skills to be demonstrated.

Actors simulate clients/patients and:

- Are trained to enable you to demonstrate your MI skills
- Provide equal conditions to all
- Do not present privacy issues
- Conduct phone conversations
- Upload recorded conversations
- Standardize conversation to deliver fair MIC Lab certification
- Provide an opportunity to demonstrate your MI skills in a 20-minute conversation.

Standardized Patient (SP)/Client Scenarios

Before the conversation, you will receive a description of the type of client and why the client is calling. You will also be informed about the goal behavior of the conversation (e.g., "quit smoking"). You are not expected to be an expert in the goal behavior, but you will be given factual information about it. There is room to choose a scenario that you are comfortable with.

Instructions for performing the conversation:

The SP will call you at the number you provide when scheduling the conversation in the calendar. The SP will call at the specified time and record your conversation. The SP will upload the conversation to www.miclab.se. The conversation will be coded, and you can listen to it once it is coded.