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Improve Your Hiring Process

MICLab's empathy and collaboration screening test

A scientifically supported approach to hiring

We acknowledge that traditional hiring methods can be

MICLab Employment Test

Elevate your recruitment process with MICLab's empathy and
collaboration screening test

In today's professional landscape, empathy and collaboration
are not just commendable qualities, they are crucial skills
that are integral to fostering a productive and harmonious
workplace. At MICLab, we have pioneered a revolutionary
screening test service specifically designed to identify and
evaluate these critical skills in potential employees before
they join your team.

A science-based approach to hiring

We recognize that traditional hiring methods - while
valuable - can sometimes fail to assess a candidate's soft
skills and interpersonal abilities. Our service is grounded
in proven scientific methods and utilizes the well-known
Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity Manual (MITI),
ensuring a comprehensive and insightful evaluation of each

MICLab Screening Experience

Candidates engage in a simulated, yet highly realistic,
conversational environment where their empathy and
collaboration skills are put to the test. Each interaction is
meticulously coded and analyzed, providing employers with
profound insights into a candidate's inherent and practical

A comprehensive assessment

Our screening evaluates not only the candidate's ability to
empathize and collaborate but also identifies tendencies to
confront, nag, or give unwanted advice. This holistic
assessment method ensures that you are equipped with all the
information needed to make well-informed hiring decisions.

Real-World Application

Our screening scenarios are carefully crafted to reflect
real-life situations, ensuring that the skills being assessed
are directly applicable to your workplace environment.
Candidates find the process enlightening, and employers gain
practical insights that go beyond traditional interview

Fast and Insightful Feedback

We prioritize efficiency and clarity. Our feedback is both
prompt and insightful, ensuring that you can proceed with
your hiring decisions swiftly, armed with clear, actionable

Future-Proof Your Hiring with MICLab

In a world where the quality of interpersonal relationships
is crucial to organizational success, our screening test
service is your partner in securing a workforce characterized
by inherent empathy and exceptional collaboration.

Join us on this transformative journey to make every hiring
count, ensuring that every addition to your team is not just a
new employee but a catalyst for increased empathy and
collaboration in your workplace.

For more information on how our screening test service can
revolutionize your hiring process, please feel free to
contact us.