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Work as a Coder at Mic Lab

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Coders at MIC Lab

At MIC Lab, we work with quality assurance and training in Motivational Interviewing. MIC Lab offers a range of different services to support individuals and organizations in applying the method.

We currently have 14 employees with different tasks, mainly coders and actors. We are now looking for new colleagues for coding. As a coder, you will become an important part of the coding team. The team meets digitally every week to practice coding and create a common understanding of it. MIC Lab regularly tests the group's reliability.

As a new coder, you will participate in a training program that involves learning the coding manual both theoretically and through practical coding with colleagues. The training concludes with a reliability test. Compensation is provided during the training period.

The influx of coding tasks varies throughout the year. Therefore, we are looking for someone who can work flexibly and appreciates the ability to work from home. The level of compensation for coding varies depending on the type of coding and to some extent the employment agreement.

We are particularly seeking someone who has:
- Previous experience in coding, through education or practical experience.
- Strong written communication skills.
- Digital proficiency.
- Availability to participate in regular meetings once a week.

Please submit your application, including a cover letter and CV focusing on previous experience with Motivational Interviewing and coding.
Questions should be directed to carola.hellberg@miclab.se and lars.forsberg@miclab.se.

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